Introduction to VTuber Huma Wat(不磨わっと), a member of VApArt(Buiapa=ブイアパ)

不磨わっと(Wat Huma)

Huma Wat(不磨わっと)

Message of Wat Huma at event.


Age ???
Height 149cm
Birthday October 10th

She was found in a storage room in VApArt(Buiapa).
She looks like a zombie, but she insists that she is a human being.
She has weak legs and can't stand up properly.

Twitter hashtags

Overall tag #不磨わっと #みまわっと
Live streaming tag #わっとあらいぶ
illustration tag #絵レキバン
cutout video tag #わっとかっと

Self Introductions

・Some of her favorite things

Favorite colors: pastel purple, white
Favorite food: Fruits other than apples, Japanese food, I don't like soda
Favorite game: FPS, Zelda
Favorite anime: Baki, South Park, Hunter Hunter, Future Diary
Favorite drink: Pokari, Yakult, 100% fruit juice
Favorite snacks: salmon and mackerel, pastrami beef, Taratara shitenjane-yo!(snack)
Favorite Perfume: Gucci Guilty
Favorite drink: Umeboshi Sour (homemade), Chamisul
Favorite song: terminal (SHAUN), instagram (DEAN), meltbitter (Satomo)
Favorite lipstick: YSL, ROMAND
Favorite Man: A kind man
Favorite movie: Shutter Island, Harry Potter, Spirited Away
Favorite cake: chocolate cake, mille crepe
Favorite animal: cat, lion, tiger
Favorite day of the week: October 10th
Favorite plac: Kagoshima
Favorite time: When I'm streaming, before going to bed
Favorite place to go: Europe
Gifts I'd like to receive: Channel subscriptions, good button, following on Twitter, notifications


She was found in a storage room in VApArt(Buiapa), and has now moved to room 104.
She sometimes says things like "I live in Manhattan" or "I live in Bali," but I think she's just saying what she thinks.
She has very few things in her room and all dishes are disposable.
She is very much into Feng Shui (a study that originated in China) and sometimes has been moving around as her teacher says.
She has moved many times and has had problems with her internet connection, so she has moved again and again.
She is currently considering moving again.

Habits of speech

She uses katakana at the end of words.
"Nannano?(なんなノ?) " (What's that?) is a habit.

About her body.

The round things lining her collarbone and arms are supposed to be "Pip Erekiban" (a Japanese remedy for stiff shoulders).
The green stick in the right side of her head is Monster Energy. If she remove it, her hair will not be supplied with nutrients and will turn white.