How to get started Virtual Youtuber? (for beginners #1 Custom Cast)

An application software "custom cast" that can make 3D characters. It is a handy application that makes it easy to create virtual characters like Virtual Youtubers using smartphones and can stream them instantly.
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In case of iPhone X and later, it also supports face tracking and AR. Even if it is not so, you can use simple face tracking (face orientation etc) and lip sync with the iPhone series · Android.
The biggest advantage is that you can intuitively create a character with a smartphone. In addition to selecting the parts to combine, you can easily rotate and move the parts with your fingers. It is very convenient to be able to attach hair and accessories.
"Custom cast" only supports streaming to Japanese video service "Nico Nico douga(Nicovideo)".
Therefore, if you distribute it for Youtube, you need to devise such as capture and delivery on PC.
Still it is very convenient that you can easily make characters and track with your own movements.
Please try by all means try.
Here are the menus.
· Body Custom (ボディカスタム)
Adjust the body, such as body size and head size
· Body Parts (ボディパーツ)
Adjust fine parts in the body such as face detail, hair style, eyes, eyebrows
· Dress parts (ドレスパーツ)
Select costumes, glasses, shoes and accessories etc
· Parts Custom (パーツカスタム)
Fine adjustment of hair length, accessory position etc. with slider and tap
· Preset (プリセット)
Separate from clothes / body, clothes, body and save and load. It can also be called during work
· Random (ランダム)
Create a model combining types / parameters at random