Akihabara introduction

Coin lockers around Akihabara station

The coin locker in Akihabara has a high usage rate anyway. I introduce relatively vacant places as well, we recommend that you go there!
<Fee & Size>
The size of the coin locker at Akihabara station and the size of the coin locker in the vicinity is roughly divided into 4 types. Carry case enters from medium size .
Nearby the station
Extra large 700 · 800 yen "1153 × 355 × 575 (mm)"
Large 600 yen "843 × 355 × 575 (mm)"
Medium 500 yen "550 × 355 × 575 (mm)"
Small 400 yen "316 × 355 × 575 (mm)"
In town
Large 500 yen "843 × 355 × 575 (mm)"
Medium 400 · 300 · 200 yen "550 × 355 × 575 (mm)"
Small 200 · 100 yen "316 × 355 × 575 (mm)"
<Available time>
From the beginning to the last train in the ticket gate .
Outside the ticket gate is basically 24 hours. However, except for underground ticket gate and facilities, it is an exception. A 24-hour coin locker will be charged an additional 1 day's extra after AM 00: 00 or AM 2: 00. There are coin lockers that can use cash only and transportation electronic money such as Suica · PASMO . Transport system electronic money locker is very convenient because it does not need the key.
<JR Akihabara station>

Coin lockers in the JR Akihabara station ticket gate are on the first and second floors.
IMG 1585
It is just in the middle of the Electric Town Ticket gate and Central Ticket Gate. Size is small 400 yen, medium 500 yen, big 600 yen. It corresponds to transportation electronic money.
<Tsukuba Express Akihabara station>
「つくばエクスプレス 秋葉原駅」の画像検索結果
There are two places near the ticket gate of the basement floor.
small 400 yen, medium 500 yen, big 700 yen. Transportation Electronic money correspondence.
<Tokyo Metro Akihabara Station Square>
「日比谷線 秋葉原駅」の画像検索結果
It is installed in 3 places. The two places are cash type, the size is only 300 yen small. Despite Saturday, it was almost empty.
Another place is next to the ATM. This is compatible with transportation electronic money with small 300 yen, medium 500 yen, large 700 yen .
<Near the central ticket gate of JR Akihabara station>
「秋葉原駅 中央改札」の画像検索結果
There are two coin lockers near the JR Akihabara station central ticket gate . First, before JR Akihabara station central ticket gate . Size is small 400 yen, medium 500 yen, big 600 yen . Transportation Electronic money correspondence. However, Saturdays and Sundays are almost annihilated.
And there is a coin locker in front of convenience store on the right, after exiting the central ticket gate.
small 300 yen, medium 400 yen, large 500 yen. It is available 24 hours.
<Showa street entrance of JR Akihabara station>
JR Akihabara station at the Showa street entrance and turn right, there is a coin locker soon.
cash type only, size is 300 yen small, medium 500 yen, large 700 yen, extra large 800. 24 hours use OK. There are as many lockers.
<New Chiyoda Building Altar Akihabara>

A coin locker in "New Chiyoda Building Altar Akihabara" in front of Kanda River. It can be used for 24 hours at small 200 yen, medium 300 yen. However, If it is empty it is about lucky.
Heading towards the Kanda River from the central ticket gate, it is on a narrow street next to "Watami" of the Izakaya.
<Miura parking>

There is a coin locker also in "Miura parking" behind the Don Quijote Akihabara store.
The size is small 200 yen, middle 400 yen. Available 24 hours. This is also a reasonable. The usage rate of coin lockers in Akihabara is very high regardless of weekdays and holidays.
<Times outside Kanda 12th parking>

" Times outside Kanda 12th parking lot" near "Mandarake Complex " .
The size can be used for 24 hours at a small 200 yen.
<Hashizume Building>

Next, Introduction of Cheap Locker. The coin locker of "Hashizume Bill" can be used from 100 yen.
The size is small 100 yen, medium 200 yen. Business hours are from 9: 30 to 22: 00. This system is charged the same price every day (after 24:00). Although the number of coin lockers is large, it is cheap.
<Bike Times Sotokanda>

There is a coin locker also in the parking lot of "Bike Times Sotoanda" . The size is small 200 yen, medium 300 yen. It is available 24 hours. However, the usage rate is high.
<Back of the fifth Denpa building>

Next, it is a coin locker behind "Fifth Naval Building" which is just near from the Electric street mouth. Available 24 hours, the size is small 200 yen, medium 300 yen, large 500 yen, the fee will be added every 12 hours. The price is reasonable and there is only close from the station.
Go out the Electric street entrance and go to the right before "Karaoke Adores" .
<AION Akihabara(a little-known but good place!)>

Pachinko shop "Aion Akihabara store" has a coin locker that was decorated with animation.
it seems to change depending on the day. There was a coin locker next door, and there was the most vacancy among coin lockers in town. The size is small 200 yen, medium 300 yen. Of course it is available 24 hours.
<Akihabara UDX(a little-known but good place!)>

The last thing to introduce is the coin locker in the complex building "Akihabara UDX" . When you leave the electric street entrance, you can see the building soon.
The coin locker is located in the motorcycle parking lot of the basement floor on the first floor. Size is only small 100 yen. Fee will be added every 6 hours. 24 hour use OK.
<Between Liberty 4 and 5>

There is also a good coin locker between Liberty 4 and 5. move on a path alongside Liberty.
With cash type only, the size is small 200 yen, medium 300 yen, 24 hours use OK. When walking from Suehiro-cho station to Akihabara station, it is the closest coin locker.
<Akihabara Denpa Kaikan 1st Floor “Mitsuwadenki">

There is an oversize coin locker in one corner of the "Mitsuwadenki" place just in the electric town.
It is all key type, small size 300 yen, medium 400 yen, large 600 yen, extra large 800 yen. There is an oversized size at nearby the station and it is convenient, but occupancy rate is somewhat higher. The locker's opening hours are from 5:30 to 24:00.

-Akihabara introduction