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Restrooms in Akihabara(Toilets)

Find toilets in Akihabara! Where is the location of the toilets?
So I would like to introduce the toilet which can be used for free in Akihabara this time.
Akihabara UDX

It is a recent existed toilets that appeared in Akihabara.
it is an office building. It kept very clean, and it has a certain number of toilets ready so you can use comfortably.
By the way it is possible to use toilets even for outsiders as well as 2F and 3F in the restaurant district, and 4F and 5F one more above. If you want to use a toilet when you are in the electric town, you should try using into UDX first.
Yodobashi Akiba

Because Yodobashi Akiba is between Akihabara station 's central ticket gate and Showa Dori Exit, it takes a bit of time to aim for you while you are on the electric town side.
However, as Akihabara UDX also has a large number of toilets and is kept clean, if you want to use a beautiful toilet, it is good to remember it as a second candidate next to UDX.
By the way Yodobashi Akiba is fully equipped with toilets for men and women at all levels besides 1 F and 2 F, so if you can hurry as quickly as possible, you can find a toilet at 3 F.
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Akihabara Daibiru(Dai building)

It is one of the huge buildings connected with Akihabara UDX via a communication passage.
Unlike Akihabara UDX, general people can not enter as feel free, but 1F and 2F are open as a space for Excelsior, and a toilet is available on 1st floor.
As there are only 1F, the number is not so much, but there are not many users, so it is often free, so it is good to drop in for the time being if you are nearby.
300px Akihabara Dai bdg 07a
Don Quijote Akihabara

The toilet is placed on the 3F, not on the entire floor. The place is somewhat difficult to understand, but it is next to the cashier which is nearby as soon as it got up by the escalator.
Although it is a toilet which is hard to say beautiful, since the opening hours of Don Quijote are until 5 o'clock in the morning, the points that can be used from night to early morning are very good for use.
It is good to go to Don Quijote if any shops are closed already and you are in trouble with the toilet.
Hourin Park

It is a park closer to Suehirocho station than Akihabara station.
Although it is a park, the number of toilets and sanity are not all satisfactory, but it is a precious toilet near Junk Street, where Akiba's toilet spot concentrates around Akihabara station.

Public toilet in Akihabara

There is a public restroom in Akihabara in addition to the store's toilet.
Please try using public toilets in case of emergency.
The location of the public toilet is a bit hard to understand, but there is one next to the Book Book Tower, next to the Niku no mansei.
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