【Virtual youtuber】Haneru Inaba goods are sold out from Akihabara at all!

Vtuber goods are on sale at the "Aki-fes" collaboration campaign being held in Akihabara, but Haneru fans (Inaba clan) occupy the beginning of the line in the morning, and only her goods sold out by haste. It is amazing!

【秋フェス2018】因幡はねるが秋葉原から消えた日・・・秋フェス報告枠【因幡はねる / あにまーれ】https://youtu.be/1ouB-DdPVuw @YouTubeさんから
The fans used Twitter to exchange information, and herself also participated and it got excited.
But the Inaba clan members are shy, so they were aware of each other they, but did not talk ...
Well I think I'm silent if I were there...