【Virtual youtuber】Mugimugi lays us down ...zZZ

【Elimination of insomnia】 Sister sleeps you down
(【不眠解消】妹があなたを寝かしつけ) https://youtu.be/6SuJqfDQDa8

Virtual Youtuber Mugi Ienaga lays us down…
High ability "Moe Voice" Mugi Ienaga. She delivers that she will read the story with whispering voice. I feel that my ears are melting.
You can listen to her stream in real time then you has good luck, then you can also comment and have fun.
Today she derivers "Hansel and Gretel”.
Even if I can not understand Japanese, can sleep peacefully with that whisper.
Let's enjoy time shift on your bed time in your country.